I planted a garden in the Mall of America.  It was in the area within the amusement park, within the planters that are made out of fake rock.  After I planted the garden, I went to get my friend to show her.  When we came back, we walked on a catwalk above the scene and saw that the river was flooding.  It was washing away all the fake rock material but nothing that was real.  People had their backs turned to the river and were frantically trying to clean up the mess that the dissolved fake rocks were making.  We kept walking and we saw a waterfall.  On either side of the waterfall were curtains, pulled back to show the waterfall in the middle.  The curtains were purple and of heavy material, like stage curtains.  They were also Advent calenders, and there was ripe corn in all of the pockets.  The waterfall was beautiful, and in the middle of the falls, the rocks were held together by the roots of a vine.  On either side of the waterfall, the flood was destroying the fake rocks, but only what was fake was being washed away.  We kept walking to an area above the waterfall, where we saw people gazing at the river, which was fast moving and crystal clear.  Within the river was a vine that was growing huge, fabulous-looking pieces of fruit, already cut and ready to serve, but noone went into the river to get the fruit because they were afraid.




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